How We Make Pens

How Each Shallus Pen is Hand Made in the USA

We have a very small team of highly skilled craftsmen.  Each pen is made entirely by one person. Customers sometimes ask how we do this.  Here is the short story in words and photos.  Our example is a wood pen, but the process is similar for wood, stone or inlay.


We start with a raw wood “blank” that is carefully hand cut to size and squared.  The size is determined by the style of pen being created. Band saws are known for eating fingers – you’ll notice the concentration and care that goes into this simple step.

I can still count to 10!

Our inlay pens have to be assembled and glued by hand to create this blank.  When we make a US Flag pen we are literally piecing together 50 individual tiny stars and 13 stripes and gluing them together to create the blank.








A precise hole is drilled in the center of the blank that will accept the inner pen casing.











Here is the blank ready for the pen insert.













This is the fun part – watching the final shape appear out of a piece of square wood or stone on the lathe.











Finishing.  Each type of material has it’s own special needs.  Our wood is stabilized so that it will not crack.  The finish requires many, many coats and produces a smooth permanent finish.

All Shallus Pens carry a Lifetime Warranty!











Your selected hardware- Gold or Silver, Rollerball or Fountain or Magnetic Cap is gently pressed into the wood or stone.






This gold rollerball pen is made of Yellow Cedar Burl.